MLB Should Have No Hat Game™

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Today I’m writing about things I’d like to bend Bud Selig’s ear about if I get the chance, specifically: implementing one No Hat Game™ per season.

No Hat Game™

What is it? One day a year (ideally a Saturday), every baseball game in America is played without ballcaps. Simple as that.

Benefits include: 1. It would look weird and cool and maybe a little funny ;). 2. You get to see your favorite (and least favorite!) players’ haircuts. 3. It would let some of the more fashionable players show off their personal styles. And 4. It wouldn’t hurt anything and I’d bet dollars to (baseball bat) donuts that it would put more buts in the seats and eyes on the TV screens.

Possible drawbacks (and counterpoints): 1. Without hat brims the sun/lights might be problematic for flyballs (counterpoint: ever heard of sunglasses?) 2. Players with super long hair might have problems running in the field without hair getting in their eyes and mouths (counterpoint: basketball players seem to be doing just fine) And 3. It’s a deliberate shirking of a century and a half of baseball tradition (counterpoint: rules were made to be broken OLD MAN!).

Auxiliary ideas: 1. Maybe have each team have a giveaway of their team’s most iconic player’s replica wig. 2. Maybe sell cooked spaghetti at the refreshment stands and encourage kids to put it on their heads and act like they have crazy hair or something. 3. The losing team has to shave their heads I don’t know, I’m just spitballing now, but you get the general idea.

What about safety? Helmets are still required as per normal MLB rules.

Well, Selig, the (base)ball’s in your court now.


Ben Wietmarschen